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Italian Villa Reale Castelvetrano Olives (Brine)



Nocellara del Belice quality Sicilian olives, are prepared in the old Sicilian way, with only water & sea salt. The olives are seasoned for at least 6 months before jarring. This is a pasteurized product with a shelf life of 3 years. Once opened, keep refrigerated up to one month. Villa Reale products have been produced for more than 26 years by Campo dï’Oro in Sicily, Italy. They produce a vast range of gastronomic products, keeping alive a family tradition that is committed to producing high quality food preserves. Their innovation with modern food processing techniques brought together with true Sicilian tradition they are able to offer a product of optimum quality. In order to guarantee the product’s authenticity and quality, all the raw materials are processed with artisan methods directly after the harvest and quickly processed and packaged by modern machinery without the use of chemical additives and colorings.